Becoming a member is a great way to show your support for the museum and mission of the historical society. All memberships include these basic benefits:

  • Free Museum Admission

  • Free/Discounted Admission to Special Programs

  • Membership Card for Discounts

  • Sneak Preview of New Exhibits

  • 10% Off Mercantile Gift Shop



Basic membership benefits for one individual person.

We offer an option for members to purchase memberships anonymously for someone in need as well.



Basic Membership benefits for the entire family including up to two adults and all children under the age of 18 living in one household.

We offer an option for members to purchase memberships anonymously for someone in need as well.


Program sponsor

Basic membership benefits plus proud sponsorship of your choice of a program throughout the year with individual or family names as the presenter (NEW MEMBERSHIP OPTION)


Business Partner

Basic membership benefits plus unlimited admission to the museum for 2 employees, 6 guest passes and 2 scheduled conference room reservations.



Carbon County Historical Society & Museum is a nonprofit organization. We rely on donations to continue our work of preservation of the area's cultural heritage and maintain the preservation office for the county.

Donations are utilized for operational expenses including maintenance, temperature control and upgrades to our century old building, new and existing programming, improvements in technology and curation of new relevant exhibits.

Please consider donating to us either online, in person, by mail or through the Fun Run.



Sponsorship of events and programming is a great way to get exposure for your business or attach your family name to something you can be proud of. We have a variety of programming available for a flat fee or can create customizable options. Please contact Rob Hylton, our Executive Director, at